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We are excited to present our very own Busy Book! We have created fun little activities that children ages 3,5 – 6 years old can enjoy over and over again – perfect for rainy or cold days or even car trips (when we are able to go away again)! The goal with this Busy Book is for children to have fun while learning:

– their name (custom)
– to count
– about shapes
– to problem solve with our puzzles and fun games
– about the different phases of the moon
– about colours
– about the weather
– about the days of the week
– an introduction to time

This option does require work for you to get everything ready compared to the one that is all put together for you – Busy Book
You will need to print out the Busy book and all the cut-outs. The Busy Book is also best when laminated – the main Busy Book and all the cut outs. However, you could laminate only the main Busy Book and print the cut outs on card paper. You will receive a document that explains what you need to do to get your Busy Book ready for your little one to use.


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